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Please spread the word!

WORLIZE.COM is a website that is somewhat like chatlands (if you know what that is) where users of any age can take and upload images off of google without consent from the original artist, whether or not their art is copyrighted/rules set in place for that image set by the artist. This means that all art (unless restricted) from DeviantArt can be accessed and used on this website. All art that is not restricted is in danger of being used openly by users of

A large group of artists and carers (including myself) have been working to settle things between this website and suggest new ways to the Administrators on how to deal with wrongly used copyrighted images of characters and the like, but so far it has gone no where besides a couple minor (and not really useful) ways of restricting this.


Please keep in mind, the users of this site can be any age and some do NOT know about copyright infringements. If you sign up to that website, please try and refrain from attacking people who are using your artwork or artwork you recognize, but you can simply suggest and explain to them that is is wrong.

Arguing with the administrators, as they state on that topic, will not get you anywhere. Please be respectful towards them and refrain from major arguments and generally insults. Some administrators on this website do care and are somewhat willing to listen to complaints.

The Head of this website (Brian / theturtle32) has stated that if you are wanting your artwork removed from the site, you may contact him by email or by contacting the user who has stolen your artwork. 

However, shutting this website down is generally what is on a lot of our minds, mine personally, due to artwork being stolen whether or not the administrators know about it. No art is really safe.
This may not stop art thieves in total, but it is one step in the right direction.



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Hiya! I'm Jasmine, but a lot of people call me Wolfey/ Zuka-Chan. I am an extremely imaginative person who desires to draw and write stories. I love a good Suspense. I'm in love with wolves and art. Things that inspire me are animals, furies, anthro's, and the beauty of nature. My favorite time of day are night. I have a wild personality but I'm easy to get along with. I'd love to make an animated series one day and also wright a book or two. :3

I'm on Wolfhome: (Zuka)

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